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Identity Theft Protection Quick Start Guide

Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is one of the most common causes of anxiety in our digital age. In 2023 alone, almost 24 million Americans had their identities stolen, totaling $16.4 billion in damages. Nearly a quarter of US residents have experienced identity theft at some point in their lives. I can only assume from anecdotal evidence that this doesn’t include simpler forms of the crime that most people don’t think of as “identity theft,” like having a credit card number stolen.

Thankfully, protecting yourself from most common avenues of identity theft is surprisingly easy. The following pages on this website directly address common identity-theft-related issues and implementing the advice on these pages will dramatically reduce your risk.

Freeze your creditUse payment masking servicesSecure your online accountsRemove your data from public search websitesPlant your flag

Note: the advice on these pages will not stop a dedicated and well-resourced attacker, but it will make you a difficult enough target that most attackers will simply move on to an easier payday. If you have a significantly large amount of wealth and assets, you may need additional protections. I recommend talking to your lawyer and doing additional research in this case.