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Creation Date: M10/D17/Y21 (October 17, 2021)

Modification Date: M12/D05/Y21 (December 5, 2021)

This privacy policy will explain what information is collected when you access and make use of this website. This privacy policy will explain the following: the uses of the information, the way we secure and protect such information, who has access to this information, the location where this information is kept, and when the information is collected. You can view Namecheap's official privacy policy here. This policy attempts to be more comprehensive and simplified than Namecheap's official privacy policy.

What data is collected and why

What data is collected:

(According to the hosting provider (Namecheap, Inc.) this data is only stored for 24 hours)

The data stated above is used and collected for the following purposes:

When is your data collected and shared

When we collect your data:

The website administrator likes to adhere to a “the less we know the better” policy, meaning that we try to collect as little user/visitor information as possible. When you access this website, the hosting provider (Namecheap, Inc) will collect the data listed above. The New Oil does not have control over this collection process, and therefore cannot reduce or expand it. The New Oil highly encourages you to visit with a VPN or Tor browser to avoid this data collection. The data collected by the hosting provider is - to our knowledge - limited to your access and use of this website and does not use any tracking technologies such as cookies or beacons to track or identify your or your activity on other websites.

Who has access to your data:

Namecheap, Inc has access to all this data as this data is forcibly collected by the company and the company is not zero-knowledge.

The New Oil does have access to the information listed above, but typically is only interested in the number of unique visits. No member of The New Oil ever copies, screenshots, or in any other way records this data except in the annual transparency report (see "When is your data shared" below).

When is your data shared:

The administrator does not ever share data except total unique visitors each year as part of The New Oil's annual transparency report. The administrator is US-based, however, and will comply with any legally-binding orders from law enforcement or government agency for user data. However, given that the hosting provider collects this same data, law enforcement agencies are much more likely to approach the hosting provider rather than the website administrator.

Where is your data stored and how do we protect it

Where is your data stored:

Your data is stored with Namecheap, Inc which is based in the United States, but has data centres in the USA, EU, UK. We do not control those data centres and therefore we do not have control over the security of your data. The specific locations of those data centres are as follows.

How do we protect your data:

As stated in the text above, “we do not control those data centres and there for do not have control over the security of your data“. However, The New Oil attemps to help protact the information of its users/visitors as best as possible. The website administrator and The New Oil's team members & core contributors use all available security features - such as strong, unique passwords and multifactor authentication - to protact their accounts from unauthorized access and their permissions from being misused in any way possible. All other services are also hardened in accordance with recommendations from our technical adviser and relevant, trusted authorities including government bodies and policymakers.

GDPR Compliance

EU citizens have the following rights under the GDPR:

The rights above are for EU citizens only. If you are not an EU citizen, please refer to your country's privacy laws and regulations for further help.


European Data Protection Board

European Data Protection Supervisor

Finding a supervisory authority:

Please use the following link to find your country's supervisory authority:

Communications with The New Oil

Your communications with The New Oil, such as support requests, bug reports, feature requests, personal question, etc may be saved.

Processing of The Information:

Processing of this information is in our legitimate interest. We process and keep a record of your communications with The New Oil to better protect ourselves legally, to troubleshoot and improve security, to better improve the site based on user questions and feedback, and to mange and coordinate with people from our team.

Retention of The communications:

All communications with The New Oil in an official capacity are retained indefinitely. If you are personally communicating with one of The New Oil's team members or core contributors, then data retention practices may differ. All communications in official capacity with The New Oil may be set to expire by the sender of said message. The sender of said message may also request to have their official communications with The New Oil be deleted.

Confidentiality of The Communications:

Communications are kept with the utmost confidentiality and shall not be shared with anyone else besides The New Oil's team members and core contributors unless we are otherwise not permitted to do so (e.g. legal orders, personal consulting service(s), personal communications). Communications may also be shared if The New Oil is legally obliged to do so by a valid US court order, (or in the event you communicate with one of our team member(s) and or core contributor(s) in a personal capacity, then other legal orders may apply). All official communications with The New Oil via email are stored with zero access (zero knowledge) email provider(s) to better help protect our communications.

Security of The Communications:

All of The New Oil’s team members and core contributors use all available security measures. All communications by default should NOT be considered E2EE (End-to-End Encrypted), but we provide different options to you (e.g. pgp, different email providers to use native encryption with, etc) to better help keep all communications between you and us as private & secure as possible and to also comply with your preferences and threat models. All of The New Oil’s team members and core contributors also provide PGP keys (and or Matrix address) for those of whom don’t want to (or can’t) use any of the native encryption that comes with the email provider(s) that some of our team members and core contributors use. (And for those of whom decided to contact our team members and core contributors via the Matrix protocol and use the address provided on the website, should be considerate about the E2EE (End-to-End Encryption) provided by the Matrix protocol and should also be certain that said E2EE (End-to-End Encryption) works as advertised & is enabled before communicating with one another)

Modifications to this Privacy Policy

The New Oil reserves the right to change this Policy at any time. We will never knowingly reduce your rights under this Policy, and if we are aware of any addition to data collection or reduction of rights imposed by Namecheap, Inc. Then we will do our best to advise and announce any changes to our privacy policy on any of our social platforms. Please Note: that we cannot notify individuals about every change made to this policy, because we do not collect contact information about our website visitors/users without them willingly providing it to us. We do however reserve the right to not publicly announce any minor changes to this policy, so for that reason we recommend you check this policy from time to time to see if any changes were made.

Questions & Contact

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns in regards to this policy or your data with respect to your information. Then please email us at and we’ll be happy to help you to the best of our ability.

For any legal request(s) or concern(s) in regards to this policy or your data. Then please email us at for assistance in regards to said request(s) or concern(s) about this policy or your data.


If you would like to contact Namecheap, Inc. regarding their privacy practices, then you can do so via any of the links/emails listed below.

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Credit to Mr. Muffin for creating this policy.