Business Inquiries

Individual Correspondence

A "business inquiry" is defined as any attempt to work with me in a professional, mutually beneficial context which will help to promote or grow a project, brand, product, service, etc that is not directly related to The New Oil. For example, a business relationship could be a person who requests an interview, an affiliate link, or consideration to be added to the website.

Generally speaking, I do not like being paid for such services because of the conflict of interest. However, if any compensation takes place, it will be noted on my annual transparency report and any relevant content. For example, I may note "This company sent me a free copy of their product to review" or "I recieved $X from [this company] for my services consulting on their new app."

Please note, this does NOT mean that you can buy website space space or positive reviews. I am happy to do any reviews at no cost, and I will only sign up for affiliate links and/or list products on the website that I truly believe in. If I'm not willing to use your product myself, you will not find any cooperation from me in promoting it.

Any and all correspondence is subject to being made public - with sensitive information (such as real names, contact information, account numbers, etc) redacted - in extreme situations, such as by a valid US court order or if necessary for self-defense. For example, if a company for some reason claims I'm lying and they didn't send me a free product, I will publish the e-mails proving they did.

Any individual who contacts me will have their correspondence with me protected to the absolute utmost of my ability. You can consider my confidence similar to that of "Doctor/Patient Confidentiality." I will never disclose any identifying information unless forced upon me by a valid, US court order or unless I have reasonable suspicion that you are doing something highly illegal and immoral and I believe I can identify you (ex, if you're trading child sexual images, I will happily report your real identity if I can figure it out). I may, however, disclose anonymous information, for example if your situation inspires a blog post I may say "I recently spoke to someone" and give a vague description of the relevant parts of your situation for context.

If an individual contacts me attempting to circumvent the "business inquiries" guidelines I have set forth above, all correspendence will immediately be subject to those guidelines as soon as I discover it. Please be transparent with your motives.

I am not responsible for the lack of protection of communications on your end. For example, if you contact me via e-mail but don't take steps to use PGP or similar securities, I am not responsible if a malicious actor intercepts your decrypted email.